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AI Real Estate

Elevating Home Buying and Selling: The Power of AI Real-Estate Agents

Your Path to Smart Property Deals: AI Real-Estate Agent Innovations

An AI Real Estate Agent utilizes cutting-edge technology to optimize the property buying and selling process, offering personalized recommendations and market insights. This innovative approach ensures clients make informed decisions, facilitating smoother and more efficient real estate transactions.


Enhances efficiency, insight, and real estate innovation

Meet Sofia,
Your AI Real Estate Agent

Sofia, your AI Real Estate Agent, revolutionizes property transactions for real estate companies with advanced AI, streamlining operations and enhancing customer experiences.


24/7 Agent Service

Sofia - AI Real Estate Agent, offers round-the-clock brokerage services, ensuring clients have access to real estate assistance anytime, anywhere.

Enhanced Customer Service

Leveraging AI technology, Sofia provides superior customer service that anticipates and meets clients' needs with precision and personalization.

Lead Generation

Utilizing advanced algorithms, Sofia efficiently generates high-quality leads, connecting properties with the right buyers faster.

Market Analysis and Price Trends

With deep learning capabilities, our Sofia analyzes market data and price trends in real-time, offering clients insightful guidance for informed decision-making.


Meet Iva,
Your Agent Assistant

Iva, Your Agent Assistant, leverages intelligent technology to streamline your real estate operations with unmatched precision and support.

Automated CRM Filling

Iva seamlessly integrates information gathered by the real estate broker into the CRM system, effectively automating data entry and significantly saving time and effort that the broker can redirect towards more strategic tasks, such as client negotiations and property tours.

Analysis of Potential Clients

Utilizing cutting-edge data analysis and predictive algorithms, Iva thoroughly assesses the database to pinpoint and recommend potential clients whose requirements align with the details of available property listings, thereby enhancing the efficiency and precision of targeted marketing efforts.

Reports and Analysis of Market Trends

Iva routinely compiles detailed reports and conducts nuanced analysis of the latest market trends, providing the real estate broker with invaluable insight that aids in staying current with market fluctuations and better positioning in the competitive landscape.

Mobile Accessible

With Iva's mobile accessibility feature, the real estate broker is empowered to manage client interactions, access important information, and execute crucial tasks using their smartphone or tablet, fostering a highly responsive and agile business operation, even while on the move.

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AI Real Estate Agent
in numbers

x3 more

Lead Conversion Rate

x2 faster

Customer Response Time

x4 faster

Operational Task Time

x2 less

Cost Per Sale

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AI Assistant Now

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