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AI Recruitment


Next-Level Recruitment: Transforming Talent Acquisition with AI

Your Gateway to Next-Level Recruitment: AI-Driven Talent Acquisition

An AI Recruitment Assistant leverages advanced algorithms to streamline the talent acquisition process, making it faster and more efficient. By automating routine tasks and providing insightful candidate assessments, it transforms the way companies connect with top talent.


Helping Your Recruitment

Day-to-Day Tasks

CVs vs Job Description

The AI Recruitment Assistant examine job descriptions and compare essential keywords and phrases against candidates' CVs.


Rate Your Candidates

Following the comparison, the AI system assigns a score to each applicant based on the degree of alignment with the job specifications. This is accomplished via a weighted scoring system that assigns values to different components of the job description

Analyze each Candidate

With the shortlist created, the AI Recruitment Assistant conducts a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis on each candidate to give a comprehensive picture.


Introduce to the Hiring Manager

Тhe AI Recruitment Assistant drafts personalized introduction emails to the hiring manager or team with an overview of the pre-selected candidates, attaching or including their SWOT insights.

Why AI Recruitment Assistant?


Precise matching of skills and job requirements reduces the risk of hiring mismatches.


AI processes applications far quicker than human Recruiters, significantly shortening hiring cycles.


Eliminates human bias, providing a fair and consistent evaluation process for all candidates.

Strategic Recruiter Role

Recruiters can focus on more strategic roles like contacting more potential candidates.

Scalable Recruitment

The system easily adapts to hiring surges without the need for additional Recruitment resources.


AI Recruitment Assistant in numbers

x3 faster

Candidate Screening Time

x2 faster

Hiring process


Unbiased Process

x2 less

Cost per Hire

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